Emma is the extra pair of hands in London that we need to keep our high quality of service across the globe.  She assists the team with spreading the word about our services and connecting with likeminded partners, while she shares her learning about the younger population with us so we stay up-to-date with our understanding of young minds.

Emma is a qualified Early Years Educator.  She has worked for 14 years in Australia and in London, where she has been living for the past 10 years.  She holds an Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Studies and is working towards a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology.

Emma has a huge love of working with children and being able to help them grow into independent, confident, and knowledgable adults.  She believes that with a healthy body, healthy mind, and a supportive environment children are able to achieve anything they set their minds to.  From her work as a teacher, she has great interest in child psychology and how children learn and develop.  She understands that by studying how their minds work will help her to become a better educator and be more equipped to help children achieve, progress, and flourish at school and in life.

Emma sees the importance of positive mental health as children today face increasing amounts of pressure and stress in their school, family, and social lives.  She aims to work with and support parents and teachers to arm them with the tools needed to help children deal with anxiety and stress-related issues.

Emma’s focus on childhood development fits within the Mental Notes Consulting team due to our strong focus on training minds through positive psychology.  She possesses a holistic approach to well-being and is passionate about equipping students with positive attributes through knowing and fostering character strengths.