We provide a range of sport and performance psychology services, which are delivered in a number of ways. Click on the variety of options below each diagram to find out more.

What we do




The integration of psychological skills into training and competitive performance to develop mentally tough competitors.

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The promotion of the mind-body awareness for personal happiness, self-esteem, and self-control.

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The management of psychosocial factors that influence physical injury and illness.

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The development of interpersonal skills and strategies to optimise team and group performance.

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The application of sport and positive psychology principles to the business world.

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We work one-on-one with you to identify and achieve goals through psycho-education and the integration of psychological skills training into your sport, work, and/or life. Individual consults involve a needs analysis and psychological assessment to develop an individual Psychological Skills Training (PST) program that works towards achieving your goals.

You will learn psychological, emotional, and behavioural strategies in addition to receiving ongoing evaluation and feedback regarding your PST program. For sports performers, training and competition observation and feedback plays a vital role in enhancing the integration of the strategies learned in your performance.

Due to the high levels of commitment and discipline it takes to be a high achieving individual in sport, school, work, performing arts, or general life, we’re committed to ensuring that there is an element of balance included in the lives of our clients.

To be a high achiever it’s almost impossible to have complete balance and that is why we’re passionate about ‘managing the imbalance’ of individuals who are clearly functioning at high levels but have the tendency to become consumed by their achievement and perfectionistic natures. It is common for these high achievers to lose their self-esteem and dismiss their personal needs. There can be several negative effects of being ‘good’ at something and we consider the management of these effects as vital for a holistic approach to success and overall well-being.

Psychologists who specialise in sport and exercise psychology are too often seen as practitioners who only help athletes with their motivation to perform at their optimum. In truth, we deal with many of the same issues that other psychologists deal with, except that we regularly work with specific population groups; high achievers in sporting, performing arts, academic, and business worlds.

Mental Notes Consulting psychologists work with high achieving individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, injury and illness rehabilitation, in addition to issues such as low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse.

The issues and conditions that Mental Notes Consulting psychologists deal with are clearly affecting the lives outside of the performing domain, which inevitably creep into performing lives as well. The fact that the client is an athlete, a performing artist, an ‘A’ grade student, or a Chief Executive Officer does not make them immune to mental health issues.

Mental Notes Consulting psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and have undergone six years of study including a postgraduate Masters degree in Psychology specialising in sport and exercise psychology.

The common therapeutic methods integrated into programs are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.  Mental Notes Consulting psychologists frequently deliver psychological services within the Medicare Mental Health Care Plans in Australia and as such have the required Medicare provider numbers. In addition, Mental Notes Consulting psychologists work closely with other sports medicine practitioners such as physiotherapists, sports physicians, doctors, and dietitians to manage mental health and well-being

Individual consultations can be delivered in person or virtually (i.e., via Skype, FaceTime, or phone)… The best way to get the face-to-face consulting process started is to either contact us directly, or call the clinic that is most convenient to you and make an appointment for an initial consult.

If you want to try a virtual consulting session, contact us to get the process started. We can then work out which of the team is best suited to your situation and organise a time to meet, virtually.

ePsych: Virtual Psychology ServicesWe have developed ePsych to provide PST programs for people who live in remote locations. ePsych is based around securing a monthly fee for virtual psychology services.

The primary rationales of ePsych include:

  • Accessibility to psychology services for remote, rural, or international athletes,
  • Flexible servicing at mutually beneficial times, and
  • Consistent communication via virtual mediums.

The investment of a monthly fee is relative to the type of service included and is designed to meet a range of individual budgets and needs. The key services include:

  • Annual goal setting and planning of PST program
  • ePST resources
  •  12-24 hour email turnaround
  •  Monthly Skype consults
  •  Receive priority updates for our product line


spsWe have developed ProPsych to encourage athletes to be proactive about the integration of psychological skills into their chosen sporting performance and career. ProPsych is based around securing an annual service agreement between the athlete and Mental Notes Consulting for psychological services.

The primary purposes of ProPsych include:

  • Increased accessibility to services through increased priority;
  • Improved quality of psychological skills work all year around, particularly for national and international level athletes;
  • Increased demand for attendance at competition to observe competition psychological strategies; and
  • Enhanced psychological skills implementation via access to follow up and maintenance contact points.

The investment for each service agreement is set relative to the type of service included and is designed to meet a range of individual budgets and needs.  There is also an option for athletes to alter the services included in any of our four set service agreements to better suit their needs, upon request.

In addition, if athletes have a set budget that they need to work within, Mental Notes Consulting can design an annual plan to suit their requirements. The aim is to get an annual service agreement determined at the beginning of each season or playing year so that there is a plan-of-attack for psychological services and psychological skills training that is proactive throughout training and competitive periods.


Workshops and presentationsWe regularly provide workshops and presentations on a range of psychological skills and characteristics (e.g., self-confidence) and topics (e.g., ‘How to manage performance anxiety’) to schools, sports academies, training squads, sporting organisations and associations, and work groups.

Workshops are a dynamic and interactive way for participants to learn specific psychological skills that you can integrate into your performance. Presentations can cover similar content as workshops however they are lecture-like and more suited to mass audience, ideal for keynote presentations!


programsWe have developed a number of psychological skills training programs designed to help people achieve their goals by better understanding the psychological component of their performances.  Our programs typically involve a series of workshops that cover distinct, but inter-related psychological skills.

Whether your goals are related to sporting performance, weight management, injury rehabilitation, mental health and well-being, or corporate performance the programs that Mental Notes Consulting offers can help you develop the psychological skills necessary for success in these areas.  Although we think that these programs are fantastic to do in a group (except Live Well!), they can all be delivered as individual consultations if you would prefer.

Mental Toughness for Sport | Mental Toughness for Sport – Two Tough!
Become a ‘mentally tough’ competitor!  Learn the psychological skills imperative to success in sport.

Faster Higher Stronger
Apply the essence of peak mental athletic performance to the corporate arena.  Team and individuals will learn how to define goals, enhance achievement, and train mental skills for group and individual performance.

Injured Body Active Mind
If you’re injured and would like to improve your rehabilitation progress, Mental Notes Consulting has a program to keep your mindset positive whilst you get your body back on track.

Stress Less!
Be proactive in managing life stress effectively!

Live Well! | Live Well! Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Improve your health and well-being through working on your mindset to achieve a healthy and happy life, and…become emotionally intelligent! Live well! and Live well: EI are tailored specifically for you.

Fit Mind Fit Body
Understand the psychology behind weight management and learn the skills necessary for long term success! Control your mind to control your weight.  Develop attributes such as self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and the ability to deal with negative emotions.