In Perth you’ll find a vibrant surf life saving and sailing culture, given the expanse of sea surrounding, and river weaving, through Perth. Our strong ties in the Australian golf industry mean that we work with golfers as well as athletes from sports like Australian rules football, cricket, hockey, and football.

Perth is the home to Western Australia’s professional sporting teams including Freemantle Dockers, West Coast Eagles, West Coast Fever, Western Force, and Perth Glory, as well as the home to Australia’s national hockey program.

The seaside and riverside lifestyle means that our sport psychologists also work with people who want to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Located ‘on the run’ in Perth, it is the connecting city to our Asian Headquarters in Singapore… It’s our stopover from Australia’s East Coast to Singapore! We are virtual sport psychologists to Perth as it has the same time zone as Singapore.  We visit Perth a couple of times per year and can consult in a variety of mutually suitable locations; providing workshops and individual consultations.

Please contact Andrea Furst via email on or mobile on +61 412 265 124 to discuss our services we offer Perth people.