The management of psychosocial factors that influence physical injury and illness.

We are specialists in Injury Rehabilitation because:

  • We have a solid understanding of how injuries from sport, performing arts, or work impact on your life and your mood.
  • We work closely with coaches, sports medicine professionals, and allied health professionals to ensure that you’re receiving optimal direction and care in a multidisciplinary way.
  • We’re optimists who value sharing the skills and strategies to not only help you get through being injured but also to help you make the most of the down time.

In 25 words or less: What do we do to Optimise Injury Rehabilitation?

We help injured people to adapt and manage their disrupted lives through providing supportive ears and psychological techniques to elevate their mood for optimal recovery.

How do you Optimise your Injury Rehabilitation?

  • You will be listened to with the aim of understanding the impact that the injury has on your life.
  • Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours will be discussed to determine those that are assisting an optimal recovery as well as the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are hindering your injury rehabilitation.
  • The relevant psychological skills and strategies will be determined to train and integrate into your recovery to complement your physical rehabilitation.
  • You will know how to apply the skills and strategies into your life because we will spend time with you and your team, (e.g., coaches, parents, and allied health professionals) to ensure collaboration.
  • Your progress will be monitored and reviewed in relation to the work we do together as we’re just as critical of our performance to help you through this challenging time as you are of your own speedy progress!

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