The promotion of the mind-body awareness for personal happiness, self-esteem, and self-control.

We are specialists in Health & Well-being because:

  • We’re passionate about promoting the constant communication between your mind and your body for optimal mental and physical health.
  • We work closely with medical and allied health professionals to ensure that you’re receiving optimal direction and care as we believe in a holistic approach to our bodies.
  • We’re focused in our approach to finding solutions for your life to become resilient in the face of adversity and to build on your strengths.

In 25 words or less: What do we do to Optimise Health & Well-being?

We help people to strengthen the connection between their mental and physical health through encouraging the integration of psychological strategies into all aspects of their lives.

How will you Optimise your Health & Well-being?

  • The areas of your life that are floundering and flourishing will be discussed so we get a clear picture of where you want to fill gaps as well as where you need to acknowledge and foster strengths.
  • The relevant psychological skills and strategies will be determined to train and integrate into your life’s ‘performances’.
  • You will know how to apply the skills and strategies into your life as we will spend time with you and if appropriate, your support system (e.g., allied health professionals, coaches, parents).
  • Your progress will be monitored and reviewed in relation to the work we do together as we’re just as critical of our performance as you are of your own!
  • You will continue to stay on-track and flourish with practical cognitive and behavioural strategies that enhance your life as we value the ongoing maintenance of a successful working relationship.

Start working with us!

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