The application of sport and positive psychology principles to the business world.

We are specialists in Performance Coaching because:

  • We have a working knowledge and genuine understanding of the demands of the lives of ambitious people.
  • We thrive on being able to apply our skills from working with World and Olympic Champions within business settings.
  • We’re committed to high achievement and believe that the mindset to achieve transcends most performances.

In 25 words or less: What do we do to Enhance Performance?

We help people in the corporate arena to develop consistent and simple systems that they can understand and trust when it matters most to meet the demands of their work environment.

How will your Performance be Enhanced?

  • Your performance skills will be put under the microscope to determine what is working and assisting your performance and what isn’t working and detracting from your performance.
  • Relevant psychological skills and strategies will be determined to train and integrate into your work performance.
  • You will know how to apply the skills and strategies into your ‘performances’ as we will spend time with you (and potentially your work colleagues).
  • Your progress will be monitored and reviewed in relation to the work we do together as we’re just as critical of our performance as you are of your own!
  • You will continue to stay on-track and excel with a consistent and simple system that ensures you perform under pressure, when it counts, because we value the maintenance of a working relationship.

Start working with us!

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