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Zoning in to Your A-Game


Zoning in to your ‘A Game’ is our last forum in Singapore for 2015.  It’s about the mental state that works – your ‘A Game’. We want to help you and your coach understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that help you to perform.

Contact Jay-Lee to chat with her about her plans for the power-hour.
Click on the image below for the details if you’re an athlete, coach, or parent looking to develop a better understanding of the state of mind to perform consistently to your potential.




The ‘Big Moment’ Mindset

It’s grand final week here in Australia, a great opportunity to see if the best performers throughout the year can complete one last performance in what is an environment unlike anything else they have experienced during the regular season. There are no more second chances and no additional opportunities to redeem themselves the following week. Everyone is watching and individual and team performances will be judged mercilessly. The winner takes all. There is more pressure than ever before.
As a result, something special is needed. Players need a mindset that can withstand the pressure and can manage the uniqueness of the grand final lead-up and atmosphere without getting carried away or overawed by the enormity of the occasion. A ‘big moment’ […]

The 360 Game Changer

Come along to a golf-specific forum in Singapore delivered by a team of professionals working with golfers of all levels!  It is a great opportunity to gather with fellow players to learn about best practice from top to toe!

Contact Jay-Lee to chat with her about this exciting opportunity to learn from professionals that are ridiculously passionate about golf and how to help people get better at playing golf.
Click on the image below for the details of this very useful forum if you’re a golfer in Singapore looking to give your game a boost.

Pressure & Expectations: Is parental pressure always harmful?

Come along to our next parent forum in Singapore delivered by Jay-Lee!  It is a great opportunity to gather with like-minded parents to:

discuss current issues on the topic,
examine what the research is telling us, and
learn strategies for enhancing parent involvement in sport that boosts confidence and reduces anxiety in our athletes.

Here’s what people are saying about our past parent forums:
“The forum on perfectionism was very insightful.  Perfectionism may come across as a good trait but the forum built awareness on how it could be crippling in certain scenarios.  The forum helped me identify certain signs that manifested in a perfectionist.  Dr Jay-Lee also helped in understanding the thought process and phases one would go through.  I am better equipped to […]

A Future Without Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a complex condition that requires a holistic treatment approach.  As psychologists who specialise in sport and performance we are passionate about working as a team and we understand what is needed to work closely with allied health professionals in complementing their physical treatment plan for patients suffering chronic pain.
Our Approach

We emphasise treating the whole person with pain rather than the pain itself.
We teach psychological skills and coping strategies to help individuals become healthy, optimistic, and resilient people.
We are committed to being a leading provider of performance psychology services in all life areas as we believe training your brain is as valuable as training your body.

Our Goals

To enhance health-related quality of life.
To reduce dependency on potentially addictive pain […]

What Makes You Great?

What makes you great?
This is one of my favourite questions to ask athletes and teams because it directs their focus.  It shifts their focus from fixating on a problem to creating a solution, leading to reduced negativity and increased confidence.
The Negativity Trap
Often the first response I get when I ask this question is discomfort and awkwardness.  Few are willing to identify their strengths, with some watering down the question to what makes them “okay”.
As humans, we have a negative bias to help us to identify danger, which means that we pay attention to negative information so that we can adjust our response to protect us from new threats.
This response is really helpful if we have a problem to […]

Leading from the Front: Leadership tips from the sporting field

In my experience, there are two types of people – those who want to succeed and those who hope to succeed.  Over the years, a lot of athletes have started our work together thinking they don’t need to work on the mental side of their game, hoping that it will happen, only to realise that they have neglected their biggest asset because they have not been able to see the performance potential that is available to them.  So how do you realise that untapped potential in different areas of life?  The key is to be intentional.
The development of leadership skills is one area that is often neglected until crisis is reached.  Everyone has the opportunity to be a leader, in […]

Create Certainty Through Committed Decisions on the Golf Course

The more time I spend on the golf course the more I am fascinated by the decision-making process and the variety of decisions that golfers have to make.  Players have to assess a hole in terms of distance, lie, and obstacles.  They have to then work out what club to use out of their bag, determine how the conditions will influence the shot, and narrow down the possible options before deciding on what shot to take…

Then you add pressure to the mix and even the best struggle, either with overthinking (e.g., usually too many technical thoughts or focusing on the outcome potentially leading to the ‘yips’) or suffering from a ‘mind blank’ or panic, leading to a rushed shot.  In […]

Train Your Brain

One of my favourite sayings is, “If you can train your body you can train your brain.”  For me, this phrase sums up what we do as sport psychologists.  It was once believed that the brain could not be trained or changed; in other words, you were stuck with the brain you were born with.  The good news is there is now evidence that supports the idea that the brain can reorganise itself to think more effectively and can compensate for weaknesses or injury.

How do you train your brain?
Think of your brain like a muscle.  Neurons are like the muscle fibres of the brain and create pathways that contribute to thinking patterns and behaviours.  Pathways are developed over time […]

Focused Connection to Your Swimming Goals

The final stretch for the school year has begun and it’s the perfect time to knuckle-down in the final block of training before holidays start and then SNAG 2015 will be round the corner for Singaporean elite swimmers.  In this article I will present some useful tips for creating fearsome focus in the pool.

Working toward your long-term goal with determination involves learning the art of “fully-focusing” on your daily tasks, the uninterrupted connection between two things: You and your directed action toward reaching your goals.

When you are fully focused in your swimming training or homework assignments, you are totally connected to what you are doing; your task at hand.  In swimming terms, focusing means tuning in to your body, […]