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Corporate Performance Coaching

How does Emotional Intelligence Assist Performance?

Higher levels of Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) have been associated with superior performance by teams in business for some time and various coaching programs have been aimed at developing skills and abilities in this area.  Whilst E.I. has been thought to have a similarly positive impact in sport, the empirical evidence to support this has been scarce.  However, an important piece of practical research has been carried out which assessed the effect of E.I. on the performance of professional cricket teams in the South African national, first class competition.  The research, carried out by David Crombie, Carl Lombard, and Tim Noakes at the University of Cape Town, found that E.I. had a significant effect on the results of teams in […]

“I’m Here to Win”

I recently finished reading Chris McCormack’s book, “I’m here to win: A World Champion’s blueprint for peak performance”.  The title grabbed me.  I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I am glad I did on this occasion because I wasn’t disappointed.  I found this book enlightening, reflective, and awe-inspiring.  Chris is renowned in triathlon/ironman circles, but for those of you who aren’t familiar &/or aware of who Chris McCormack is, he is a 6-time Ironman World Champion!  Last year he won the Ironman Hawaii, Kona: the most grueling event that puts even the toughest and strongest individuals in the sport through their paces.

His book provides insight into the inner workings of an elite athlete.  I […]

Do you want to be an Iconoclast?

Do you want to be an iconoclast?  Do you know what an iconoclast is?  Do you want to do something that others say can’t be done?  Because if you do, you are an iconoclast or are at least aspiring to be iconoclastic.

Iconoclast by Gregory Berns is a page-turning tour de force that (unintentionally) cheekily winks at the numerous pop psychology books currently available on airport book stands that try to instruct the reader on the pursuit of personal excellence and how expertise is created and success achieved in a variety of performance domains.

Berns is a neuroeconomist who aims to make sense of the complex links between the decisions that humans make and the firing patterns of neurons in specific […]

Sport (and Life) is About Choices

Every moment of every day we make choices.  We choose whether to get up when the alarm goes off or hit the snooze button.  We choose which path to take to get to work or training.  We choose what to eat for lunch and when.  We choose how hard we work/train.

Many of these choices seem to be made almost subconsciously.  We feel like we don’t give them a lot of thought, we just make them and away we go.  But whilst it might feel like a lot of our daily choices are subconscious it’s important to recognise that they are not.

Too many people want to believe that much of what they do every day is out of their conscious […]

Man’s Search for Meaning

First published in 1946, Man’s Search for Meaning by Vicktor E. Frankl has now sold over three million copies worldwide. In his bestseller, Frankl details his experiences in the concentration camp during World War II and how his observations of prisoners’ reactions (including his own) lead to the ground breaking theory, logotherapy. This theory helped him survive his experience of the Holocaust.  Basically, logotherapy is about an individual’s search for meaning in their life and this theory assumes that life has a meaning under all circumstances and that each person has the freedom to choose and resources available to deal with any arising situation.  Logotherapy helps challenge individuals to search for meaning in life and finding these resources.  As […]

Lessons from the Floods

The entire world has been seeing some amazing images and hearing heart-wrenching stories coming from Queensland in the last few days.  It is likely that the tragic statistics will increase but it also very likely that the amazing and heroic stories will continue to be written.

When the waters finally recede there will be a lot to learn from these floods as there was from the infamous 1974 floods.  But for the moment let’s focus on what we have learned about the mental strength, the resilience, and the toughness of human beings from what we have already seen.
In sport we talk about toughness, about bouncing back, and about self-belief as being critical for success and achievement of goals.

Being glued to […]

Are you Really Practicing your Psych Skills?

One of the hardest aspects of sport psychology is actually ‘doing it’.. By this I mean, dedicating the time and energy to practicing the psychological skills that you have learnt working with your sport psychologist and coach.

Mental Notes Consulting aims to provide athletes, coaches, and parents the resources to help make the integration of sport psychology skills into training, competition, and everyday lives much easier.  These tools aim to complement your training sessions with your sport psychologist to ensure maximum learning and application.

Psychological skills, similar to physical, technical, or tactical skills, need to be practiced and incorporated into athletic training sessions (Frey, Laguna, et al., 2003).  Given that committed athletes spend up to 99% of their time in practice […]

Sport Psychology: Something for everyone!

Working within Mental Notes Consulting has many benefits!  One of which is the teamwork that exists between the consultants.  As we have a number of consultants working in different areas we are able to meet and discuss various ideas and opinions, and as a result, improve our practice.

We use this process to try and regularly assess how we are performing as sport psychologists with our clients.  More recently, as we were going through a review process, I began to notice the great similarities in the work we do with elite athletes and other groups of people.  There are also some clear differences in the work we do with athletes competing at the highest levels but more often than not […]

Kokoda Challenge versus Matt’s Mental Toughness

17th July, 2010: At 7am I began the most physically and mentally challenging task I have ever experienced..

With three team-mates I commenced the 96km journey from Mudgeeraba Village Shopping Centre to the Nerang Velodrome known as The Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge.  The Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge is a bushwalking team event where teams of 4 people trek a 96km course through the Gold Coast Hinterland within a 39-hour time limit. The Kokoda Challenge is designed to reflect the key elements of Kokoda with 96km representing the actual distance of the Kokoda Track and the 39 hours symbolizing the 39th Militia who were the first of our Australian troops to arrive at Kokoda on 15th July 1942.

Our Kokoda team was […]

Learn from your Experiences…

There are several Olympic champions roaming the island of Singapore during the Youth Olympic Games.  Here’s some advice from Russian pole vaulting legend, Yelena Isinbayeva,

“Well, there are not only obstacles in sport, but also in life.  What I hope to do in Singapore is to give the young athletes the benefit of my personal experience and to tell them that things do not always go as planned, that there are many ups and downs in sports and in life.  What you need to do each time you are faced with obstacles or misfortunes is to learn from the experience and try not to repeat it.”