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Corporate Performance Coaching

Exam Performance: Take charge of your exam preparation

As performance psychologists, our expertise and knowledge base transfers across a number of different contexts.  That is, the skill set that works with athletes in getting them competition ready also works effectively with individuals getting them ready for exams.  We see a number of clients based largely on helping them perform in upcoming exams.

Whether they are in their senior years of secondary schooling or sitting career-defining exams (e.g., medical specialisation), it boils down to being able to get the best out of themselves, especially on the day.  This is where Mental Notes Consulting enters the scene.

One key similarity between an exam situation and a sporting competition is preparation.  To enable an individual to perform at their best, they need […]

It’s Allowed…

Let’s get one thing straight I am passionate about sport, so I have no hesitation in declaring upfront that this little diatribe as a passion piece written by a professional who spends her life working with and for the sports industry.

I want the sports industry in Australia to stick around and I want Australia back on the world stage as a dominant force in international sport. There is no hiding that fact.

I thrive on working with athletes from all manner of codes and disciplines. It is my job to get the best out of them and I stick up for them, defend them in the public arena and help them out of binds, which at times is to my […]

Success is Hard Work

Success is a concept with a variety of definitions for people depending on what they are trying to achieve at a given point in their lives.

Success is not something that can be easily defined because it means something different to every person who aspires towards it.

For some, success is about outcomes. How much money they make, how many medals they win, or how long they hold a ranking, or who they have beaten in a race.

For others, success is more individually driven. Improving their performances, being the best they can be, mastering a skill, or enjoying the act of whatever it is they are doing.

Not matter what success means to you or what field or endeavour you are trying […]

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Is Perfectionism Good, Bad, or Both?

Perfectionism has been placed under the researcher’s microscope in recent years to determine whether this complex personality trait has a positive or negative influence on performance and well-being.

Some of the most controversial examples of perfectionistic individuals can be found in the world of elite sport. When Tiger Woods won his first Major at Augusta he was the longest off the tee by more than 30 yards. He was hitting wedges and nine irons into the par fives, and that is when talk of Tiger proofing Augusta started. He won by a record 12 strokes and immediately began the task of transforming his swing. Move to the centre court at Wimbledon and you will see the cameras fixed on Rafael […]

Tips for Surviving and Thriving in the Silly Season

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Christmas carols, catching up with family and friends, and lots of yummy food all contribute to the wonderful festivities! Unfortunately, it is often a time when good habits disappear out the window and the realisation of unkept past New Year’s resolutions create the onset of guilty feelings about another year passed..

If you happen to be one of the disciplined souls then you’re already making progress with your goals, and the start of a new year provides an opportune time to reassess where you’re at and set new goals. At Mental Notes Consulting we are committed to helping people to achieve their potential in all areas of performance including sport, […]

Back to Basics

The Mental Notes team is often trying to develop new and better ways of helping our clients achieve their sporting goals. This is a good thing as it means that we are constantly looking to improve our performance as sport and performance psychologists in the same way that our athletes are looking to improve their performance as athletes.

Despite this pursuit of continual improvement, I was reminded only recently of the effectiveness of simple ideas and principles that we have used for a long time.

Specifically, I am talking about being aware of and understanding what helps us perform and what doesn’t. This simple idea is as important now as it has ever been, and is as effective now as it […]

Lessons for Life in Utopia!

Seven Days in Utopia by David L. Cook is a book written about golf for all levels of golfer however there is no doubt that sportsmen and women from a variety of sports and ability levels would appreciate some of the key messages of the book.

It is a fictitious story of a professional golfer who has lost is way in his life as a touring golf professional and coincidently stumbles across a former golf pro, now rancher, Johnny in Utopia, Texas who teaches him about the game of golf and more importantly, the game of life.

It is a worthwhile read for golfers of all levels who want to appreciate the game of golf in its entirety – its focus […]

The Pathway to Success: The choice is yours!

One the many upsides of participating in sport is that sport provides a great training ground for life. Sport involves fun and hard work, success and disappointment, as well as joy and sadness.

Understanding how to be successful in sport sets anyone up to be more successful in life. Whilst being successful in sport requires a lot of physical hard work, the recipe is simple and can be applied to any area of life.

The pathway to success is attitude. Whether we are talking about sport, school, work, relationships, holidays or social life, our attitude dictates our success.

If we work hard to make sure that we live our lives in line with the attitudes we want then we will be more […]

There’s a lot to Life!

Given we are deep into Olympic selection for many sports, it is an appropriate time to consider the opportunities that life offers outside of sport, to develop perspective but also to help sport performance.
I have just finished reading Rafael Nadal’s book, Rafa: My Story, and I cannot stop talking about many of the valuable lessons gained from this read (just ask the athletes I work with!).
There are loads of books, articles, videos, training courses, and online material that profess to unlock  the secrets to success with step-by-step guides to being successful and how to get the most out of yourself, but there is a lack of material and information on how to handle high achievement whilst staying ‘normal’ or […]