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20 11, 2015

Emotions are Good for us!

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Spending about 55 hours on planes in September meant that I watched my fair share of movies and made my way through some insightful reads.
Inside Out is one of the movies I sat through whilst eating meals on trays.  It’s an animation by Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures that explores human emotions.  It follows five emotions (and characters) – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust – of Riley, an 11 year old girl experiencing stress when her parents decide to move their family to another city.
My primary aim here is to applaud Inside Out and highlight that experiencing a range of emotional experiences is good for us.
Positivity is not always appropriate let alone useful.  Similarly, emotions labelled as ‘negative’ can be […]

16 11, 2015

I’m Hunting for the Ideal Athlete…

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We often get asked what sort of people make ideal clients…so here goes…
You would contact me because you are wanting to optimise your mind’s contribution to your sports performance and make sure your training transfers to competition.
We’ll work well together if you’re someone who wants to get better, who likes to challenge themselves, and is open to being challenged by someone else with the intention of helping your to get better.
A love of learning is a key part of this working relationship, so if you crave seeing just how good you can be, we’ll work well together.
Human performance is not an exact science so you’ll need to appreciate that we’ll be trying certain techniques and strategies to see if […]

15 11, 2015

Zoning in to Your A-Game

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Zoning in to your ‘A Game’ is our last forum in Singapore for 2015.  It’s about the mental state that works – your ‘A Game’. We want to help you and your coach understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that help you to perform.

Contact Jay-Lee to chat with her about her plans for the power-hour.
Click on the image below for the details if you’re an athlete, coach, or parent looking to develop a better understanding of the state of mind to perform consistently to your potential.




1 10, 2015

The ‘Big Moment’ Mindset

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It’s grand final week here in Australia, a great opportunity to see if the best performers throughout the year can complete one last performance in what is an environment unlike anything else they have experienced during the regular season. There are no more second chances and no additional opportunities to redeem themselves the following week. Everyone is watching and individual and team performances will be judged mercilessly. The winner takes all. There is more pressure than ever before.
As a result, something special is needed. Players need a mindset that can withstand the pressure and can manage the uniqueness of the grand final lead-up and atmosphere without getting carried away or overawed by the enormity of the occasion. A ‘big moment’ […]

1 10, 2015

The 360 Game Changer

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Come along to a golf-specific forum in Singapore delivered by a team of professionals working with golfers of all levels!  It is a great opportunity to gather with fellow players to learn about best practice from top to toe!

Contact Jay-Lee to chat with her about this exciting opportunity to learn from professionals that are ridiculously passionate about golf and how to help people get better at playing golf.
Click on the image below for the details of this very useful forum if you’re a golfer in Singapore looking to give your game a boost.

1 10, 2015

Is There a Line? Ruthless perfectionism, fear, & high performance

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There are very few movies that truly dive into the depths of an elite performer’s mind.  Whiplash is one such movie.
I watched it on the plane coming back from Australia in mid August…twice.  The acting captured me as did the way the characters depicted the ruthless perfectionism that is so frequently an ingredient associated with high performance.
Whiplash explores the pursuit of musical excellence whereby the main character, Andrew is relentlessly determined to become ‘someone’ in the drumming world. In his pursuit he is noticed by Terence Fletcher, a conductor attempting to produce the next Charlie Parker in his elite jazz ensemble at Shaffer Conservatorium of Music, arguably the best jazz music school in the United States of America.
Whilst there were multiple scenes […]

30 09, 2015

When It’s Not Insomnia – What you need to know about sleep patterns in teens that impacts performance

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Does this pattern sound familiar for your teenager?

Frequently experiencing daytime sleepiness, mood swings, and irritability.
Tired all day but feels awake at night, sleeping later than they should.
Catches up on sleep during the weekend but strangely feels worse on Mondays, and then the cycle repeats.

This sleep-wake cycle for teenagers is so common that most parents and coaches accept it as a normal pattern. While it may be common, it is far from optimal and has negative consequences on mood and performance over time.
It doesn’t have to be the norm and it can be improved quickly with the right intervention.
Most parents don’t know that their teen is not experiencing insomnia.  It is a delayed sleep phase problem commonly experienced in adolescence, […]

30 09, 2015

Keep a Training Diary to Build Self-Confidence

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We spend most of our time working with individuals and teams and we’ve learnt that keeping a training diary is a sure way to build self-confidence.

Our team developed a training diary to assist with improving the quality of training and competitive performances.

The MNC Training Diary is an essential tool for anyone who wants to gain the most they can, both physically and mentally, from their training.

We have been getting some enquiries about the features of our Training Diary so we’ve updated the shop with more details.  Here are the greatest hits for its features…

MNC Training Diary features:

No set dates.  No wasted pages. Start it whenever you like and use it for whatever time period you like.
It consists of the […]

30 08, 2015

Resistance to Sport Psychology: Why should an experienced coach bring a sport psychologist into the picture?

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“I know sport psychology” said the coach, the trainer, and everyone in between. We all have knowledge, experience, and thus opinions about people and what helps them to perform.
There’s no doubt that a top coach intricately understands the psychology of their sport. There are cases when an experienced coach has a stronger knowledge of the sport than the sport psychologist.  Most coaches have worked with an athlete for several years and feel they know them better than a sport psychologist ever could.

So why wouldn’t you bypass the sport psychologist and take the mental skills training with your athletes into your own hands?
Here is my rationale for why working collaboratively with a sport psychologist can lead to great outcomes for you […]

21 08, 2015

Is Parental Pressure Always Harmful?

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We’re spending a great deal of time working with parents in Singapore on how to best support their children in their academic and sport pursuits.  Jay-Lee has been conducting parent forums this year covering topics such as Pressure & Expectations, Performance Anxiety in Sport & Academics, and Raising Healthy High Achievers in Sport & Academics that are extremely informative with high interaction for optimal learning.

“Is parental pressure always harmful?” is one of the questions we are often asked.  Here’s our response from an article posted earlier in the year…

The formula for Performance is defined as: Performance = Potential – Interference.

One of the greatest personal dilemmas that interferes with optimal performance and negates an athlete’s true potential in their sport is […]