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Looking for a Sport Psychologist in Brisbane, Queensland – Australia?

If you are looking for a sport psychologist to work with in Brisbane, call the Queensland Sports Medicine Centre on 3891 2000 and they will be able to book you an appointment with us!

Queensland Sports Medicine Centre is located in the Hyundai Centre at the iconic Gabba Cricket Ground, the home of the Brisbane Lions Football Club.

Queensland Sports Medicine Centre
Hyundai Centre
The Gabba Cricket Ground
812 Stanley Street
Woolloongabba 4102

There is limited parking available directly out the front of Gate 2 near the corner of Stanley and Main Streets.

If you have any questions prior to booking your appointment please email us on

How can I deal with pressure better?

There are many strategies to help deal with pressure. One that we have found successful for numerous athletes is to incorporate more pressure situations into practice. What this means is that you plan to have situations that simulate competition and also situations that are uncomfortable or ‘test-like’, so you keep yourself on your toes in training. For example, Olympic kayakers will have ‘test sets’ that they are required to do on a regular basis. These ‘test sets’ help to make training more competition-like and help to prepare for the pressure of competition, in addition to giving an accurate indication of where the paddlers are at in their physical training (i.e., are they hitting the desired […]

Rewire the Negative Thoughts Designed for Protection

Why do we have negative thoughts?  A recent TED presentation by Michael Merzenich, a neuroscientist, on the growing evidence of brain plasticity, shed some light on this question.  Our brain is amazing.  Did you know your brain was built for change?  Interestingly, Merzenich stated that our brain is born ‘stupid’. According to the professor emeritus of neuroscience at the University of California, there is little evidence of cognitive ability in infancy.

Brain Pruning
Does this mean though that our brain is truly born ‘stupid’?  This question relates back to the neural connections within our brain.  We are born with a whole set of neurons, and connections between these neurons form and they don’t die until the age of three.  So each […]

The Juggling Act: Getting the balance right for you when you are a high achiever

State of Origin football is one of my all-time favourite Australian sporting events with many displays of mental toughness and mateship.  However, many players involved in State of Origin perform incredible feats of strength and courage one night and then days, even weeks later, they struggle to maintain that same level of commitment in their club matches.  Whilst the absence of hype, atmosphere, and adrenalin rush that comes from playing representative football when returning to their club can often play a role in this drop in performance; emotional, mental and physical fatigue plays a big part.

Are there too many demands on athletes with both representative and club responsibilities?

The idea of juggling demanding periods of high stress and pressure is […]

Exam Performance: Take charge of your exam preparation

As performance psychologists, our expertise and knowledge base transfers across a number of different contexts.  That is, the skill set that works with athletes in getting them competition ready also works effectively with individuals getting them ready for exams.  We see a number of clients based largely on helping them perform in upcoming exams.

Whether they are in their senior years of secondary schooling or sitting career-defining exams (e.g., medical specialisation), it boils down to being able to get the best out of themselves, especially on the day.  This is where Mental Notes Consulting enters the scene.

One key similarity between an exam situation and a sporting competition is preparation.  To enable an individual to perform at their best, they need […]

Homesickness and Performance: Be proactive!

During the course of an athlete’s career it is likely that there comes a time when they must pack up their bags and move to a different location. The move may be temporary (e.g., a weekend competition/event) or it may be more permanent (e.g., a contract with a club/institution). Regardless of the type of move many athletes will experience symptoms of homesickness. Granted, many of these symptoms may be easily dismissed and have no impact on athlete well-being or performance.

What happens when homesickness does become an issue for you when you’re on the move?

Here are four valuable points to assist with restricting the impact of homesickness on your performance.




Tips for Surviving and Thriving in the Silly Season

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Christmas carols, catching up with family and friends, and lots of yummy food all contribute to the wonderful festivities! Unfortunately, it is often a time when good habits disappear out the window and the realisation of unkept past New Year’s resolutions create the onset of guilty feelings about another year passed..

If you happen to be one of the disciplined souls then you’re already making progress with your goals, and the start of a new year provides an opportune time to reassess where you’re at and set new goals. At Mental Notes Consulting we are committed to helping people to achieve their potential in all areas of performance including sport, […]

Self-worth and Sport: Is it time to add some pillars?

Participating in sport can be a rewarding experience no matter what your age.  Sport can develop character, resilience, social skills, respect, independence, cooperation, a sense of belonging, and a sense of competency and mastery of skills.  Above all, sport can be a major source of self-esteem, which is defined as an individuals feeling of self-worth that determines how valuable and competent they feel.  To maintain a relatively positive experience with sport, it is important for individuals to have a healthy perspective of sport in that it can build those aforementioned attributes and characteristics.  In particular, it is helpful for sport to be viewed as important yet not an all-encompassing pursuit.

We often see athletes (at all levels) experiencing distress related […]

Does Perfection Equate to Success?

Elite sportspeople are often seen as role models. They demonstrate physical strength, determination, resilience, talent, and hard work. They are successful in what they do. There is a stereotype that sportspeople are ‘squeaky-clean’. Quite often the media and the public image of elite sportspeople projects that they are perfect and that there is nothing ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ or ‘tarnished’ in their lives. So when we realise that things are not perfect there seems to be a lot of surprise and shock. Take one of the greatest golfers of all time, Tiger Woods for example. The fallout from the scandal in his personal life in November 2009 shows that he was less than perfect in his marriage and yet highly […]

Observations from a Sport Psychologist: Focus on the process = Thrive under pressure

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Swimming Age Nationals, which was held in Brisbane at the Sleeman Sports Complex – Brisbane Aquatic Centre. Sporting events, such as Age Nationals, are a great opportunity to observe athletes in competition and in particular how athletes handle the pressure of a competition. What I observed was that some athletes appeared to rise to the occasion whilst other athletes perform below their capabilities and/or expectations. Of course there are many possible reasons as to why such a differences in performance exist. However, the mental component of sport becomes a significant factor on competition day.

Leading in to a performance (whether an exam or competition) individuals know what they have to do. They […]